Is a treadmill or exercise bike better?

Treadmills and bikes, both are effective cardiovascular exercise forms. Both are in variety of brands, sizes and models. Both feature adjustable settings for programs, resistance and times. There are models including e indicators of pulse rate on the handles. However, to choose the right machine and to know its difference, you must know which is better, treadmill or an exercise bike.

Machine Parts

A treadmill easily accommodates any size people, but a bike has stringent requirements in size. Though both machines feature weight limits, a spin bike has recumbent versions and cannot accommodate always larger persons. The seat space and the main panel do not provide enough support to sit comfortably for a larger person. Most bikes require knee to bend to 90 degrees, so knee conditions people may have to limit bending to make a full revolution.

Body Parts

Treadmills replicate walking on inclined or flat surfaces and this causes force to exert through the spine and legs. People having no walking issues generally are fine with using a treadmill.  Using a bike is preferred by people with less impact on the knees, ankles, spine and hips. Bike is ideal for people with extremity conditions such as severe back problems or arthritis.

On exercise bicycle

The most common injuries are falling from treadmill. Even holding the rails, people get distracted. There are balance issues causing footing problem. There is a safety clip, but they do not stop and by the time they stop people fall off. Treadmill walking puts weight through the leg and spine joints, thus they consider bike to be better.

On treadmill

People burn calories on treadmill and as you move arms and torso. It means more burning of calories and muscle activation. On recumbent bikes, normally the inactive part is the upper body. Bikes move with arm handles, but the benefits are less. You will burn calories even on bikes, but lesser than treadmill.  If you wish to use a bike only, then you have to work harder to turn the intensity level.

At home exercise bicycle

Choosing a treadmill or a bike depends on financial considerations. Both are available at affordable prices, yet treadmills are bit more expensive. Purchasing equipment for your home means space may be an issue. A treadmill may take comparatively more space and is heavier, immovable causing inconvenience.

Treadmill or exercise bike depends on various facts, health, space and financial constraints, though both are good.